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If you would like to drive a massive horde of traffic to your sales letter, your landing page, your product page, or any other online presence… then keep reading.

Back in 2010, before I knew anything about funnels, copywriting, or paid ads, when I was just trying to quit my daytime job at an SEO agency.

I was coming out of a bad divorce and while trying to figure out how to cope with that I decided to run an experiment.

I wrote an article about how Facebook helped my ex-wife cheat during our marriage and I put a $9.99 e-Book on the sidebar.

The book described how to catch your spouse cheating using Facebook. Nothing too detailed or involved.
But what I did next led to earning half a million dollars in a week.

I did what I do best. Drive traffic.

I had published and promoted Reddit posts leading to my website that were shared and shared again.

I got a hold of journalists from small publications… that led to bigger publications… that eventually led to a live interview with.

Ken Savage on CNN Larry King Live
That drove 1.7 million warm visitors to my site and my sidebar book sold like hotcakes.

Talk about driving traffic unconventionally, right?

A bunch of other media appearances occurred in the following weeks.

And you’ll get those growth hacks as well inside the Club.

But why should you trust me?

Well… I’ve been launching products for clients for the past few years.

Instead of being in a constant flux of feast or famine…

My clients have eliminated the uncertainty of having less traffic and can launch any product or promote any content in confidence.

They hit their goals EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Here’s what some people have been saying about me:
My clients pay me $2,500+ to launch their product.

I could keep taking on more clients… but I don’t like busy schedules.

I like having time to go to the gym, hit the mountains for some hiking, or just relax in my hammock with a good book.

Which is why I’m building Launch Club for you.

So you can eliminate the uncertainty of launching or paying an agency a lot of money with disappointing results.

Why pay Google or Facebook your hard-earned money when you can get the unconventional traffic secrets I’m gonna share with you?

While membership doesn’t guarantee a spot on CNN for you, you do get all the growth hacks I've used for my private clients over the years.

I can help you drive traffic in ways you’ll never think of in a million years, at a fraction of the cost my full-time clients pay me.

And not only that. You’ll be part of a group that boosts your traffic as well.

When Launch Club is released in a few weeks, members will get:
  • Growth hacks to unconventional traffic generation that will flood any website with prospects eager to read your sales message (make sure your server can handle this traffic)
  • ​The automations I use to send hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of traffic to my private clients’ products (these clients pay multiples of what you’ll pay for membership)
  • ​An “engagement group” on steroids that will get you real-world likes, re-tweets, and upvotes on your Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Product Hunt or any platform for social media posts
  • ​Real people promoting real products and content for each other
Before I open up Launch Club at full-price ($250/month) I’m taking reservations for those who want to get in early at 60% off the regular cost.


That $1 reservation holds your spot at the 60% off pricing and unlock access to the growth hack training.
The VIP reservations are good for the first 100 members.

Launch Club membership will move to full-price in April or after the first 100 members reservations, whichever happens first.

Reserve your Launch Club membership as a “Founding Member” for $1. You'll receive access to the club and all growth hack training.

After that it will be $250/month for everyone else.

Get in now before the waitlist closes:

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